Open Datasets

A Dataset of Food Manipulation Strategies.

A dataset of multimodal sensing modalities (forces, torques, poses, RGBD images) for feeding task.

A Dataset of Food Items with Skewering Location and Rotation Masks.

A dataset of annotations of skewerable food items for image-based bite acquisition and bite transfer task.

A Dataset of Robot Bite Acquisition Trials on Solid Food Using Different Manipulation Strategies.

A dataset of attempts by the Autonomous Dextrous Arm (ADA), a JACO 2 arm equipped with an eye-in-hand camera and a force-torque sensor, to skewer one of 16-types of food given one of 6 manipulation strategies (3 pitch angles X 2 roll angles). Each attempt contains RGB and Depth images, camera distortion parameters, and text describing the attempt as a “fail” or “success”